Harold J. Levy
     Attorney at Law


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Welcome to my website.  

For the past 20+ years I have been a Commercial Litigator with top New York and well-respected Long Island firms, as associate, counsel and partner.  While litigation has always been an expensive undertaking, I have watched as legal costs have skyrocketed, making civil suits prohibitive to all but larger businesses and the wealthy.  With hourly fees for top litigators at $350 to $1,000 an hour, depending on location (i.e., N.Y.C.), experience and ability, even an action to recover a sizable amount becomes financially unfeasible.  And while the British system compensates for this inequity by making the loser pay legal costs, the American system puts the burden on the individual parties. If the cost to prosecute a case approaches or exceeds the potential recovery, justice is defeated and individuals are left without meaningful recourse.  
After watching the inequity inherent in our legal system become more pronounced as legal costs escalate, and watching helplessly as a larger percentage of cases are won by attrition as opposed to merits (why should an insurance company pay your claim if it can just lawyer up and deny it?), it is now my goal to attempt to ameliorate this injustice in some small part.  As a sole practitioner with minimal overhead, I can now make even an action to recover $20,000 viable under certain circumstances.  Although I still welcome and litigate six- and seven-figure actions, I may be able to help you with a much smaller case that other firms may find impossible to prosecute.  I welcome you to browse through this site, review my credentials, discover a little about me, and call or write to me concerning your matter.  I became a lawyer because of my passion for justice and desire to prevent injustice. I remain a firm believer in the American system of justice, and it is my pleasure to help you obtain justice if I can.  Thanks.